We now have tees!!



How exciting, right??

I told you they were coming!

A little wrinkled (sorry about that, I just had to try it on as soon as I got it out of the packaging), and not quite perfect yet (I’ll try to get some help on my e-boutique, to make the logo a little larger). But it is a beginning.

And quite a nice one, if you ask me!

The WWW – United t-shirts are available online at my Redbubble shop. If you are interested in buying one, click Here.

I want to remind you that I don’t make any money out of these items.

Not one cent.

I just want to give this logo a life of its own… I dream of seeing it spread around, with its message about unity, kindness and inclusivity.

I have other ideas coming, and yours are welcome too! Just leave them in the comments, or write to worldwidewave@mail.com


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