Baby steps…



How are things going, with the WWW so far?

Not great, I won’t lie. But I would have been a fool to think that it would be an instant success story.

And it definately wouldn’t be as rewarding in the end (although, Life, I am willing to give up that satisfying sensation, if you’re feeling like making the WWW go viral at any point… Just sayin’).

If you’ve seen the 1991 comedy What about Bob?, you already know that baby steps work wonders. So baby steps it is… And I hope it will pay off eventually.

When I started talking about this project, a dear friend of mine suggested that I’d use a visual element. I thought that was interesting, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on something that would have a meaning, that would be accessible to everyone, and that would be kind of cool.

And I think I found something.

What about (Bob? – sorry, I really like the movie) tying a white ribbon outside our homes, since we’ll already be going to spend a little moment outside? Around balcony ramps, telephone posts, trees… Using fancy bows or just toilet paper. The point being to just leave a white mark when you walk back inside.

So that, as the wave slowly travels towards the West, the whole world gets decorated with tiny white testimonies that people like you and me still believe that we can stand united. Even just for a day.

In my opinion, it could be interesting, because you could send pictures of your bows and ribbons, and I could make a collage of them.

Let me know what you think about it. Also share your thoughts if you think that you have a better idea… I am very open.

Baby steps.

I was expecting my first t-shirt order tonight, but apparently, that’s not going to happen. which is not a bad thing, because it will just give me a good reason to post again tomorrow (unless the delivery gets postponed again, which wouldn’t be shocking, in all honesty).

In the meanwhile, I want to give a loud and heartfelt shoutout to you Lovelies who are following this blog, and have shared the invitation to the WWW with their friends and families. It really means a lot to me. And you reminded me of a famous quote…




Maybe… Just maybe. In these negativity-filled days, we are slowly but surely creating that crack. To let the light in… At long last.

I like to believe in this.

I hope you do too.

Baby step by baby step.


4 thoughts on “Baby steps…

  1. I’m grateful for all the effort you are putting into this. Nothing happens overnight, and that’s exactly when we need to keep pushing forward. Just think of the people in different countries already reading this blog and are supporting you wholeheartedly. Years ahead, I can say that I was here at the very beginning 🙂

    As for the ribbon, I think that’s a wonderful idea. I understand that colors mean different things in different cultures. A quick search showed me that yellow is the color for both friendship and hope. What do you think of a yellow ribbon instead of white? It’s just a suggestion.

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    • First things first, I’m sorry for taking this long to answer…

      Lily, I’m so glad you joined in! Yes indeed, this will be a long journey, but I think it’s going to be a fun one, and I can’t wait for the day this wave will show the world how many hopeful and positive people there are on the planet. And that day, when the flapping of a butterfly’s wing will have created a tsunami, we’ll smile knowing how it all started. (*sigh*)

      Regarding the color of the ribbon, it is funny you suggested yellow, because I had thought about it too. There are two main reasons why I went for white. First because, as I mentionned, I really want everybody to be able to participate. I’m thinking people who are struggling with their bills might not want to spend money on ribbons or bows… But they could use something cheap like toilet paper to craft something for the occasion. And toilet paper usually is white. Second, there is an old song (Tie a yellow ribbon ’round the ole oak tree), about this guy returning home after being away for a while. He asks his Mrs to tie a yellow ribbon to the frontyard tree if she wants him to come home. And I think that a lot of people still link the sight of a yellow ribbon to the thought that someone is about to come back to that house ( for an example, military people returning after a mission).

      Also, white is usually a symbol of purity, and I think that even if it’s not the theme of the WWW, it fits the vibe… But you know what they say, only fools never change their minds…

      I’ll keep your idea in mind, because it does make sense 🙂

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      • No worries at all Cyranny. First of all, Happy Canada Day! I know it was on Friday and I’m not sure if I had the chance to wish you a great one 🇨🇦

        You make very valid points. I was not aware of the song, so you’re right. People seeing a yellow ribbon will probably first thing of someone returning home.


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