The little things…



Good evening Lovelies,

Just a short note tonight, to let you know that although things might seem a bit quiet this week, here on the WWW Blog, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t much going on backstage.

I have started writing to many people, hoping to spread the word around. We didn’t get any feedback yet, but I am confident that it only takes one lucky strike to get the wheel turning.

In less than two weeks, we’ll be celebrating the first WWW Day. I have absolutely no clue as to how many people will be joining us. I just know that it will be an awesome day, no matter what. The first of many to come.

Just the mere begining of something much greater.

For now, you’ll probably agree that it is hard to be optimistic. Everything on the news tends to focus on the dark events that affect us all around the world. The ugliness, the anger, the madness… When you think about it, this negativity is probably a disease more contagious than covid-19 ever was.

But I believe there is a cure for it. And it is to look for the discreet beauty in the little things around us.

Take the above picture… From a distance, it was just a cheap-looking fower patch, in front of our neighbourhood church. But by taking the time to stop by, and watch more closely, I caught this tiny orange beauty.

It warmed my heart instantly.

Not a big deal, I agree… But it is a begining. And if I add up little moments like that in my life, and if you do so in yours too, it will be a starting point in becoming more positive.

And if I can inspire at least one person to welcome more beauty in their life, that might inspire another that might inspire another…

The WWW sure isn’t a sprint. It will be a long marathon.

But you know what? I’d rather spend my time and money trying to be part of a positive movement, than waste my energy protesting against this or that.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again… I believe in you. All of you. I believe in us, and I’ll keep trying to bring us together, until the day the WWW is known all around the globe, and shows our leaders that the silent majority of us seeks unity and peace.

With this said (sorry, this was really meant to be a short note), I want to leave you with yet another inspiring quote, from a great woman.

Let’s hope she was right. Because, our world sure needs a change.

But maybe that’s just me.




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