Are you ready?



Tomorrow, there will be only ten days left before the very first WWW!

My white bow is ready, and I hope you are planning on hanging yours soon too.

Today I heard a speach that really inspired me. I don’t know the man who made it, and didn’t note his name down. But in shorts, he was saying that nobody should aim for making the whole world a better place. A bit shocking, right?

He continued, explaining that it was almost impossible to reach out to every nation around the globe, because of all the cultural differences that make us all special. And that makes sense.

But, if we all work on making our little corner of the world a better and happier place, and inspire others to do the same, we’ll definately change things on a larger scale. Like a giant dominos’ effect, having an impact on humanity’s happiness.

For now, I am focusing on July 30th, because we have to start somewhere.

But once it’s behind us, I have a lot of ideas to make kindness infectious. And I’ll need a little bit of help. So if you’d like to be a WWW ambassador, let me know in the comments. Together, we can become an awesome, positive, and united army, spreading smiles instead of bullets.

And next year, when this time comes again, we’ll celebrate making our world a better place, one tiny little good action at a time.

So, are you ready to make a change in our world?




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