Baby steps…



I want to start this post by appologizing.

I am sorry I went silent for a couple of months.

At first, I wanted to allow myself a month, to look back on what had happened since day 1 of the WWW project. I hadn’t (and haven’t to this day) lost interest, on the contrary. I do believe that eventually, we could see the World Wide Wave have a tangible impact on the world, some day.


In the meanwhile, it felt so helpless to just sit in front of my keyboard, posting positive quotes to try to inspire people to jump in and gradually make the word spread… I, as a single average person, was not going to change anything about this world, until the WWW goes viral some way or another.

Until then, what?

I gave all of this a LOT of thinking, hence my rather long hiatus.

And I understood, that I just had to start doing something here, in my community, to make a small but still, difference.

Because ultimately, that’s the simplest way to change things, right?

So I’ll keep this blog alive, so that, in the long run, people who are also tired of everything going wrong around the planet, have a place to gather. And come July of 2023, hopefully, many of us will be raising a white flag to show the world we want things to change.

Until then, I will find ways to help random people in Montréal. And I will document my actions, not to look like a good person. But to show that it doesn’t take much to make another human being have a better day.  Hopefully, that can plant a seed in at least one other person’s life.

Bear with me, I have more to share with you tomorrow.

A baby step, hopefully leading to something more (and exciting)…


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