Let’s go!



There’s a first step to everything new we do in our lives.

And here’s one, I hope will take me a long way!

As I mentionned in yesterday’s post, I have decided to be more proactive about helping people around me. It might come as small gestures now and then, when the occasion presents itself. I might start to volunteer in a charity around the neighbourhood, I am still checking my options…

But this is what I wanted to do first.

There are a lot of homeless people in the Montréal area. And with the coming winter temperatures, I know that they will rely even more on people’s generosity. I am not super wealthy, but I am comfortable. I have a good job, a roof over my head, and I never have to skip a meal. There’s no good reason not to share a little.

So yesterday, while doing a little shopping, I got these three giftcards. If you don’t recognize the banners, they’re all very common fast food restaurants in Québec. Popular spots, easy to find, offering (relatively) affordable meals, and maybe a little time in a warm place.

I put 20$ on each card, and will carry them in my coat, every time I get out of the apartment. And whenever I’ll get asked for spare change, or spot someone in need, I’ll stop to have a little chat with the person, and offer them one of the giftcards.

I hope to come back with pictures and anecdotes to share with you, because these men and women deserve to have a voice.

And I had an idea… Of course, when my three cards are gone, I’ll buy new ones, but! I thought that I would challenge you, Lovelies! So no matter if I’m out of giftcards or not, for every like this post gets, I’ll put 4$ in a jar.

Every 5 likes I’ll buy a new card. So, if you like the idea, share the post, invite your friends to like it… I’ll be more than happy to spend on your behalf.

I don’t want to ask for money to give even more… But if you think you’d be interested in giving a little, let me know, and I’ll set a gofundme account to buy even more cards.

If (even better) you read this and decide to do something familiar in your area, let me know in the comments.

Let’s make a difference, just because we can 🙂


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