Spread the word…



Now that the invitation is out, I am working on spreading the word around.

It is not an easy task, I won’t lie.

I am just a nobody trying to give a shoutout to the world. Silly? Maybe. But I still believe that it is possible, with every bit of help I can get from you Lovelies.

Because this is not about me.

It is a dream. A dream that even a nobody like me, with no special social media skills, can create a wave of positivity in this grumpy world.

So I’m trying to work with my limitations, and to be creative to attract as many people as I can to dream about the WWW too.

If I did plant this dream-seed in you too, here are two new ways to share the invitation with your surroundings.

First, if you have an Instagram account, here’s a post you can visit and share:



And if you are an active TikToker, here’s the link to my first short video promoting the WWW.


I had an idea… I don’t know what you’ll all think about it.

If you mention artists or influencers that you feel promote positivity in the comments below, I’ll tag them on Instagram and TikTok.

Who knows… It might get us some some visibility.

And we do need all the coverage we can think of. Please feel free to give ideas (Venus, I’ve noted down your idea about radio stations… and I might try to contact television stations also!)

Let’s keep working together!


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