What’s the World Wide Wave?



Or WWW for shorts.

Here are the answers to the main questions you might have about the event. If you need more information, let me know in the comments below, or write a note to worldwidewave@mail.com.


What is the WWW?

The WWW is a worldwide invitation to express hope and positivity in the most inclusive and simplest way.

Ultimately, it is meant to spread a feeling of unity amongst us all, if only for one day, every year.


Why should I join the WWW?

You would have to live under a rock, not to notice that our society is terribly divided. Everything on the news seems to polarize the population into camps. Even when it comes to good causes, the manifestations are more often protests against something or someone. And whatever people get out on the street to promote, there are always counter manifestations, to express the exact opposite opinion.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see people out on the street, with nothing but good intentions?

Why is it so easy to get out when we’re angry at something, and why should it be so hard to do the same just to prove that we haven’t forgotten that we’re all humans, no matter our gender, sexual preferences, skin color, religious beliefs, political background or financial status?


When is the WWW?

The very first WWW will take place on July 30th, at noon.

On July 30th, because that happens to be International Friendship Day, which seemed fit for the occasion.

Noon of what time zone, you might wonder? That’s the beauty of the WWW! Because setting a precise time for people all around the globe to join in, would have meant that the event would have taken place in the middle of the night, in some countries. And that wouldn’t be fair.

So on July 30th, the event will start in Australia, New-Zealand and the countries in their time zome, and then slowly move to the West, hour after hour… Therefore creating a wave, all around the world.

It might not be a tsunami this year, but I plan on making this a yearly event.


What do I have to do, to join the WWW?

It can’t get any simpler. On WWW day, you just have to get outside at noon. Just in front of your home, or on your balcony. If you know friends who are participating, you can meet in a park, or even better, arrange a larger gathering in your community (that would be AwEsOmE!!).

If possible, wear white clothes. I am preparing a link to make it possible to order white t-shirts with the above logo on them (I will not make any profit from the sales), and I am just waiting to get mine, to share it. I want to make sure that they look good enough before anyone else orders one.

So, that’s about it. Get out, and get a little bit of fresh air! It isn’t any more complicated.


How can I help the WWW movement?

First of all, please follow this blog to express your interest in the movement.

You know the saying ”Sharing is caring”? Well it is time to put that into action. Shortly, I’ll publish an invitation post that you’ll be able to repost on your blogs. It will be much more concise than this one. I’ll also prepare pictures you can share through Instagram, Twitter or other medias, and videos if you use TikTok.

Please, help us spread the word. Let’s make this 100% positive wave go viral! The world needs more unity, and you want to be part of this when it happens.




Let’s dream together… And make it come true. Together!


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