The final countdown…



I know I know… I’ve let you down a little with my countdown. It was a bit foolish of myself to think that I could keep up with daily postings.

I appologize, but at least, it doesn’t mean that I’ve given up. Far from it.

My bow is ready (as seen above)! How about yours?

Tomorrow night (Eastern time), the first WWW will begin. A small (for now) wave of love, positivity and unity. If you join in, just make sure to create a pingback on your post to let us know that you are taking part of this.

Let’s make a statement. Let’s speak up, and express our disagreement when it comes to division, hate and negativity in general.

Our differences don’t divide us, they make us special, unique and precious as a whole.

The world needs to see that.

Don’t you think?




You can send your bow pictures to – I will publish all pictures sent to us.


5 thoughts on “The final countdown…

  1. What a lovely Idea. The world has gone crazy at the moment. It’s as though the human race has lost sight of our sense of direction. As though we are moving backwards. A quick wave may just help us all get back on track. 👋

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    • Thank you Paula 🙂 I feel the same, and I think that we’re just overwhelmed by the loud screams of the angry. The wave might not be very impressive today, but I am ready to work all year long to give the peaceful, positive and hopeful people a strong voice next year 🙂


    • Thank you for being part of this, Lily 🙂 Your support really drives me to keep going. The wave is about to arrive here, meaning the end of a sprint, and the beginning of a marathon… *Sending lots of love your way*


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