Happy first WWW!



It is finally here!

The first WWW is making its way around the planet, as I type this post. As a matter of fact, it just arrived in Montréal, and it is with excitement that I put on my t-shirt, and went out to hang my white bow to the tree just outside of our apartment.

We took a couple of pictures, hoping that this little seed will someday grow in other people’s hearts.

With this bow, I wish that inspiration and hope will find their way to your heart. With this bow, I wish that you’ll welcome and share more kindness in your everyday life. With this bow, I hope that you’ll choose unity over division, joy over anger and peace over war.

This is the end of a six weeks sprint, but only the starting point of a year-long marathon… Until we can sit again, and look back on all the tiny changes we have made in the world in the name of kindness.

Today is also the International Friendship Day, and I hope I can count you as a friend. Maybe a faraway one, but one nonetheless.

And as the wave keeps moving towards the West, I send much much love, all around the world.

A very happy first WWW day to you all! And thank you for your support through the last six weeks!!


3 thoughts on “Happy first WWW!

    • I might have been a little clumsy in my explanations (I’ll blame my French roots for that Mouahahahaha). The point was to go hang a white bow to a tree, a post, or a balcony ramp in front of your home, and spend a little bit of time out (if possible, of course). Now, I have a whole year ahead of me to work on this, and next year should be much better 😛

      Thank you for the ”selling bows” idea… I’ll check to work with a company that could provide us at the lowest cost possible. I’m sure we can work something out 🙂

      Happy WWW Day, Venus 🙂 xx


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